Business Region Borås holds a pretty unique position in Sweden when it comes to entrepreneurship and business development. There are already long established e-commerce and logistics companies here as well as exciting start ups, educational institutions and research facilities. All the right conditions are here for you to invest in and establish your business.

Find land

Hundreds of vacant plots stand ready, with millions of square metres for anyone needing land to get established. In 2017 the population in the region grew by 10 000 people. Within a five year period we expect to have nearly five thousand new residential properties ready to move into.

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Business Region Borås aims to make it as easy as possible for investors or business owners to establish themselves in Region Borås. You will be able to access all eight local authorities in the region through us. Business Region Borås works primarily with investment opportunities in Textiles, ICT and Vehicle Safety.

Boråsregionen / Sjuhärads kommunalförbund
Skaraborgsvägen 1A, Vån 2
506 30 BORÅS

033-35 70 53